MOQ: 500 PCS
short lead time,10 days for MOQ quantity.

According to the chemical reaction of Acid(food grade lemon acid)
mixed with Alkali(soda powder),the mixture creates Carbon Dioxide
Gas(CO2) to fill in the balloon.
Product Description

1. Auto Infation,Time-Saving,Effort-Saving,Easy to use.

2. The gas in the balloon won't leak within one month.

3. Auto-inflatable balloon can stand average weight of 120KGS.

4. Intaglio printing enables the balloon bright,colorful,never faded and non-toxic.

5. The gas inside is Carbon Dioxide.It does not harm to human and children,

    non-explosive,non-toxic and fire-extinguishing.

6. It can be kept over 10years before inflation.

7. Company with the standard of National environment requirements.

Product Specifications

2  SHAPES : Round  Heart  

3  SIZES : 11cm  14.5cm  18cm

Customized shape and size OK