XBALLOON CO., LTD. Company Info
We have produced customized foil balloons over 30 years in Taiwan also the inventor of self-inflatable balloon and printable balloon.

We are running a balloon factory and specialize in all kinds of customized mylar balloon, such as self-inflatable balloon, blow balloon, helium balloon, and our patent “photo balloon”.

Development status NEW technique

SMALL Order for customized design balloon with full color by digital imprint ,
including Self inflatable(1000pcs)
Blow balloon(500pcs)
Helium balloon(100pcs)

Our Service Balloons

Self inflatable balloon

According to the chemical reaction of Acid (food grade lemon acid) mixed with soda powder, the mixture creates Carbon Dioxide Gas(CO2) to fill in the balloon.

D.I.Y. printable balloon

print whatever you want by inkjet printer , including photo and graph and cartoon as your personal balloon .

Blow & Helium balloon

We are specializing in customized shape and design, including auto blow and helium balloons.